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The total cost can often be adjusted according to your budget Prices depend solely on your project Each project is different and uniquee

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Consulting, Training, Installation

Do you need a physical presence to be an adviser or do you need an intervention in the field of new technologies (home automation, IT, networks, security, ...) or training?

Advice, consultation or training can be done remotely or preferably located in the Grand-Est region, otherwise additional costs apply before travel. The installation service must be preceded by a consultation.

Price based on demand...

Mobile application development

With or without knowledge, your most detailed idea is enough.

I am able to support you or lead the entire project, from sketches to specifications, from advice to design, from development to distribution of the application, to updates...

From 189€ for one application and per platform.
Allow 449€ on average for a cross-platform application.
And on average 2,500€ for a game on a home console (Xbox, Playstation).


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