Jimmy Lupfer

Freelance developer of applications and video games

A personalized service according to your budget for individuals and businesses.

About me

Graduated with a Master 2, Science Technologies Health, specialty Embedded Communicating Systems.
Passionate about new technologies and gaming, I specialized in mobile development.
I created my company to make a surprising and complex field accessible to people with ideas, in order to extend application services with maximum quality and simplicity.
Join me on discord to chat with me and the community, or to discuss a project idea, or just stay informed, and more...
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EntretienAuto et Station-Service
on Android and iOS

Some apps

French App only.
View and compare fuel prices and record your car's maintenance and more...

Tirage random

Sweepstakes tools, random, team shuffle, online and remote raffle is available perfect for giveaways...

Entretien Logement

French App only, Helps you maintain your home or apartment with a few tools and information...

Come and see all of my applications and video games !
on Android and iOS

Some Games

Arcade game
Crush the infection as quickly as possible until you reach the boss and beat the records forever...


Help him break the records for climbing the ladder and the rope descent and try to break the records...




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